July 17, 2021

The Quarantine Chronicles

Short works of audio fiction inspired by our strange times

You hover on the edge of two realities. Behind you is the life you’ve always known, growing more distant with each
passing hour. Ahead is a world you could never have imagined. This summer, PlayME proudly presents: The
Quarantine Chronicles. The chronicles are 7 short works of audio fiction written by top Canadian playwrights.
Namely: Jordan Tannahill, Kat Sandler, Hiro Kanagawa, Erin Shields, Mark Crawford, Leah Simon-Bowen,
Rosamund Small and Nicolas Billon. All were invited to write short audio plays that capture the spirit of our
distanced, disorienting and deranged times — with wonderfully weird results.

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Don’t Get Me Startered by Mark Crawford

A love story between a man and his sourdough starter.

A novice baker is gifted a sourdough starter with a mind of its own. An absurd comedy by Mark Crawford, 2020 nominee for the Leacock Medal for Humour.


Maev Beaty – Yeastina
Matt Gorman – Jeff
Sabryn Rock – Melanie

Guest Appearances:
Maggie Huculak – Old Crone
Christine Horne – Actress/ Grocery P.A. announcer
Herbie Barnes – Grocery clerk

Blue Rare by Kat Sandler

A swanky restaurant invites a naive food reviewer to taste a truly rare dish. A humorous horror by Dora Award winner Kat Sandler.


Karen Robinson – Melody
Madison Walsh – Attica
Michael Musi – Matt

Home School by Erin Shields

A couple of overwhelmed Quebecois parents are caught off guard when their children make a power-play. A thriller by Governor General’s Award winner Erin Shields.


Lucinda Davis
Sarah Dodd
Amelia Sargisson

Liming by Leah-Simone Bowen

Travel to a distant future where Rihanna rules the world and people are mandated to socialize… or else. A sci-fi by Secret Life of Canada co-host Leah-Simone Bowen.


Lisa Codrington
Allison Edwards-Crewe
Peter Bailey


Mizuko by Hiro Kanagawa

A young couple tries to escape the pandemic by traveling to a lakeside cottage only to be haunted by the baby they never expected to meet. A horror by Governor General Award winner Hiro Kanagawa.


Mayumi Yoshida – Akemi
June Fukumura – Mizuko (Water Baby)
David Patrick Flemming – David


Raking Light by Jordan Tannahill

Deep within the Prado in Madrid, an art historian restores Velázquez’s famous Las Meninas painting while society crumbles outside. A drama by Governor General Award winner Jordan Tannahill.


Maggie Huculak – Verity
Diego Matamoros – Mateo

Saving Grace by Nicolas Billon and Rosamund Small

A strained relationship between two sisters, who are separated by much more than a border. A family drama by Dora award winner Rosamund Small and Governor General Award winner Nicolas Billon.


Katherine Cullen – Grace
Christine Horne – Leila
Keith Barker – Gabriel

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