April 19, 2018

PlayME Past

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PlayME Past

by Andrea Scott, Norman Yeung, and Griffin McInnis

PlayME Past is a live radio play recording and podcast that was inspired by and recorded at the Zion Schoolhouse in Toronto, Canada. Three playwrights were commissioned to create three new audio dramas set in this fully restored, historic building at the turn of the century. It was recorded in front of a live audience and those in attendance were also taught the art of foley creation and made many of the sound effects featured in this episode.

by Norman Yeung

features Kaitllyn Riordan and Michael Man

by Andrea Scott
features Rachel Blair and John Cleland
by Griffin McInnes
features Barbara Johnston and Tony Nappo

#54 – PlayME – PlayME Past


About Zion Schoolhouse:

The Schoolhouse is restored to 1910, before there was a basement or electricity in the building. The Historic Zion Schoolhouse did not have electric lights until the mid 1930’s. Evening events would probably rely on oil lamps borrowed from the neighbouring farms and set on the window ledges.

Schooling was compulsory by 1910 and children ranging in age from 6 to 14 were required to attend. At Zion younger children outnumbered older children. Families that relied on the labour of their children to run the farm would remove them from school at busy times of the year – like planting and harvest. More affluent families could afford servants to perform domestic work, and hired men to do the outdoor labour on the farm.



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