June 14, 2016

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While you jog, walk to work, or do the dishes – listen to some of the best short stories and theatre scripts turned into contemporary radio dramas.

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Bunny by Hannah Moscovitch

Play / Theatre

Aroused by inappropriate love, a young woman discovers the power of her own allure. Ever the outsider, she struggles with the social acceptable only to find herself increasingly alone in her desires. Dangerous and disorienting, Bunny is a play about repressive social convention, personal inhibition and desire unleashed.

Bang Bang by Kat Sandler

Play / Theatre

A white playwright uses the shooting of an unarmed young Black man by a police officer as a “jumping off point” for his hit play that is soon to be adapted into a major movie. As Hollywood comes knocking for the writer, he makes a surprise visit to the home of the officer involved. With Sandler’s trademark wit, BANG BANG traces the impact of what it means to be inspired by true events.

Iceland by Nicolas Billon

Play / Theatre / Theater

Set against the backdrop of the banking crisis, a confrontation between a real estate agent and a tenant takes an unexpected turn.

Vitals by Rosamund Small

Play / Theatre / Theater

Vitals is a solo storytelling show about a paramedic. Anna spends her days saving lives and dealing with the darkness, cruelty, and sheer incompetence of the people all around her. How many 911 calls can she deal with, before she has her own emergency?

Theory by Norman Yeung

Play / Theatre / Theater

How can you remain progressive when progress becomes dangerous?

Isabelle is a young, liberal professor of film theory. She creates an Internet discussion board for her class as a learning tool and encourages them to speak freely. A mysterious student posts questionably offensive comments and videos, testing Isabelle’s open-mindedness.


Grade 8 by Dwayne Morgan

Play / Theatre / Theater

Grade 8 is a heartwarming story of a father’s love. Told with charm, wit, and vulnerability, Grade 8 is a roller coaster of emotions, that will leave you holding on tightly to those you love the most.


Lo (or Dear Mr Wells) by Rose Napoli

Play / Theatre / Theater

It was ten years ago that Laura was Alan Wells’ student at Corpus Christi High School. She was uncharacteristically intelligent for fifteen years old – perceptive and vulnerable – dream student for a flailing English teacher. Years later, all that remains is the dust of controversy that surrounds their relationship.  Now, at twenty-five years old, Laura has written her first book. She’s called it ‘Dear Mr. Wells’ and Alan is the first person she wants to read it.


Quiver by Anna Chatterton

Play / Theatre / Theater

Maddie’s sweet sixteen sister, Beatrice, is dating someone she shouldn’t. Their brassy single mom, Sheila, makes up with her ex-boyfriend again. So fourteen-year-old Maddie is left to fend for herself with nothing but her bow and arrow.


Better Angels by Andrea Scott

Play / Theatre / Theater

What do you do when you feel trapped and alone? You could walk out the front door, but you’re even less uncertain of what lies beyond.

Akosua is a young woman late of Ghana who has come to Canada to work as a nanny for Leila and Greg Tate in their beautiful Toronto home.

The couple insist she is a member of their family, but when they increasingly deny her pay she comes to a chilling realization: she is a prisoner.


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