April 19, 2018

Orange Dot

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Orange Dot

By Sean Dixon

Two city workers are called to take down a large tree blighted with termites. The equipment they are meant to use is stuck in traffic, so they wait . . . armed with their smartphones, a stethoscope, an ancient arrowhead, a soupçon of boredom, and a large dose of existential dread about what the world is coming to.

Featuring Shawn Doyle and Daniela Vlaskalic.

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Sean Dixon 

Sean Dixon’s Governor General nominated play, ‘A God in Need of Help’ (produced by Tarragon Theatre and published by Coach House Books), serves as a companion piece to ‘The Orange Dot’ even though the former is set in Venice in 1605 and the latter in Toronto in 2017. He has written extensively for BC’s Caravan Farm Theatre, Ontario’s Blyth Festival, Toronto’s Summerworks Festival and Victoria’s Theatre SKAM. His novels and short stories include ‘The Girls Who Saw Everything’, ‘The Many Revenges of Kip Flynn’, and ‘Sic Transit Gloria at the Humber Loop’. Currently he is writing a play for the Tarragon about adoption among Neanderthals and Early Modern Humans, as well as a novel set in Toronto’s Roncesvalles neighbourhood about a kidnapping gone awry.



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