January 26, 2016

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2021 News

Pandemic Performance: Even in a shutdown, their show goes on

(Summer 2021; York U Magazine)

“All of a sudden, CBC had to shut down a lot of their entertainment programming. They looked around and said, “Well, what can we still do?” ” In this article, Leah Rumack talks to Chris and Laura about how they pivoted during the pandemic.

2020 News

The Quarantine Chronicles are like bedtime stories for bizarre times

(July 21, 2020)

“Shortly after COVID-19 upended life as we knew it, PlayME invited some of Canada’s top playwrights to embrace the strangeness of our times and write short plays destined to debut in a digital theatre.” In this feature, CBC Radio covers our new season of short audio dramas, for our “new normal.”

Spurred by the pandemic, theatre pivots to audio

(November 17, 2020)

“Radio drama, audio fiction, audio drama: what you call it doesn’t really matter, says Tolley, but the form, as old-fashioned as it might seem, is feeling newly relevant. With performance venues off-limits, theatre companies have been experimenting with different solutions for months. Among the more popular options? A pivot to audio.” In this feature, Chris Tolley speaks with CBC Arts writer Leah Collins about the new relevancy of this old-fashioned art form.

2019 News

PlayME is CBC’s Podcast Playlist’s Podcast Pick of the Week

(January 31, 2019)


PlayME featured on CBC’s The National: “Playing with New Podcasts”

(January 21, 2019)

“After years of being dominated by non-fiction, podcasts are turning to fiction to find new audiences…” In this feature, producers Laura Mullin and Chris Tolley and playwright Hannah Moscovitch speak with The National’s Tashana Reid.


2018 News

Fiction podcasts are giving new form to the old art of the radio drama

CBC News (December 28, 2018)


PlayME on CBC’s with Tom Power (Nov 6, 2018)

PlayME podcast takes listeners into the world of theatre without visuals



Listen to PlayME on CBC’s national radio news program, The World at Six

(December 28, 2018)



“It’s what makes theatre unique, but also its Catch-22: the performance happens in the moment and then it’s gone….But what if it doesn’t have to disappear, thanks to digital technology?”

Thank you to the Toronto Star for their fabulous feature on PlayME from CBC Podcasts!




Thank you Webbys!

The International Academy of Digital Arts and Science has chosen PlayME from CBC Podcasts as a Webby Award Honouree!



Laura and Chris sat down with Brent Bambury in February to talk all things PlayME from CBC Podcasts! Thanks to CBC and the Day 6 team for a terrific feature.

Listen here.






PlayME from CBC Podcasts is currently charting on iTunes, with over half a million listeners from over 80 different countries.




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