December 10, 2018

Highschool Drama Teacher Resource

Welcome teachers!

Since our inception in 2016, we’ve heard from high school and university professors from across Canada and beyond that our podcast is being used in classrooms to supplement Drama, English, Writing and Theatre Production courses! We wanted to extend that resource to you – so we’ve put together this list of our best ‘all-ages’ content with some little warnings. Hope you enjoy – and feel free to get in touch to let us know how you’re using PlayME, and what we can do to help.

Please note: The plays featured below are suitable for highschool audiences. We have our full catalogue available here which includes shows with content or language not suitable for all audiences.

The PlayME Team


Prairie Nurse

By Marie Beath Badian

A comedy about two Filipino nurses who come to work at a small-town Saskatchewan hospital in the late 1960s. Cultural clashes, personality differences, homesickness, and the amorous but dim-witted goalie from the local hockey team complicate the women’s lives.


Prairie Nurse Part 1 / 3


Prairie Nurse Part 2 / 3


Prairie Nurse Part 3 / 3


Bonus Episode – Interview with Marie Beath Badian


Bonus Episode – Interview with Marie Beath Badian



By Anna Chatterton

Maddie’s sweet sixteen sister, Beatrice, is dating someone she shouldn’t. Their brassy single mom, Sheila, makes up with her ex-boyfriend again. So fourteen-year-old Maddie is left to fend for herself with nothing but her bow and arrow.

(includes some coarse language)

Quiver – Episode 1

Quiver – Episode 2

Quiver – Episode 3

Quiver Bonus Interview with Anna Chatterton

Better Angels

By Andrea Scott

Akosua is a young woman from Ghana who has come to Canada to work as a nanny for a couple in Toronto. They insist she is a member of their family, but when they increasingly deny her pay she comes to a chilling realization: she has become their prisoner.

Written by Andrea Scott and featuring Akosua Amo-Adem, Sascha Cole, Peyson Rock and David Christo, the play premiered at Summerworks in 2015 and was originally directed by Nigel Shawn Williams.

(some sexual content)

Better Angels – Episode 1

Better Angels – Episode 2

Better Angels – Bonus Interview with Andrea Scott


Grade 8

By Dwayne Morgan

Grade 8 looks at what it means to be a black father today, and the role men play in young girls’ lives as they grow up and become women. Told through spoken word, this one-man show is part beat poetry and part urban lyricism.

(very minimal sexual content)

PlayME – Grade 8 – Episode 1

PlayME – Grade 8 – Episode 2

PlayME – Bonus Episode – Interview with Dwayne Morgan


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