Agamemnon By Nicola Billon

#1 – Agamemnon – Episode 1

#2 – Agamemnon – Episode 2

#3 – Agamemnon – Episode 3

#4 – Agamemnon – Bonus Episode – Interview with Nicolas Billon

Episode 1 to 3 – Agamemnon

After a ten-year siege, the city of Troy finally lies in ruin. Clytemnestra waits for Agamemnon with murder in her heart.
A visceral, contemporary re-imagining of the opening chapter of Aeschylus’ Oresteia by Governor General award winning playwright Nicolas Billon.

Featuring: Nigel Shawn Williams, Brigit Wilson, Earl Pastko, Susanna Fournier, Ron Kennell, Amy Keating, Zita Nyarady, Marcel Stewart, Samantha Brown. Original stage direction by Sarah Kitz and sound design by Andy Trithardt.

Episode 4 – Interview with Nicolas Billon

In this, our final episode of Agamemnon, Laura Mullin and Chris Tolley interview Governor General  award-winning playwright, Nicolas Billon. Nicolas talks about building his career, writing Agamemnon, and writing tips and insight into the life of a writer. We also talk to Sarah Kitz, the director of the original stage production of Agamemnon.


This episode features the following creative commons music:
Urban Noise by Angus Toodle
Don’t Stop by Mr. Logisitcs

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